If you've been listening to Super Radio X for a while, you might be wondering, "Who are these amazing folks whose words magically meet my eardrums through the magic of modern radio wave technology?" The answers are here, my curious friend! Join us at Super Radio X as we take you on a tour to the deepest regions of our souls! DJ meets DJ
  DJ Tanner and Dee Jay from Street Fighter: 2 famous DJs with a strikingly smilar facial expression. GRRRR!!
Nick & Snuggle NICK

NAME: Nick
NICKNAME: (i.e. Chrono Kristin) DJ Rawktasmic Fantastic!
TURN ONS: (i.e. getting the Tenuki suit in Mario 3,
getting a tetris) Kuribo's Shoe
TURN OFFS: (i.e. Atari controllers, the Home
Improvement game) Ambitious Atari 2600 games
GAMING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (i.e. 1000 lines in Tetris) Super Mario Kart Excellent!
FAVORITE SONG FROM A GAME: Battletoads pause music
TIPS OR ADVICE: Be good enough to impress the girls, but not good enough to scare them.

w00 w00 wacky hands SARAH

NAME: Sarah
TURN ONS: Super Sonic!
TURN OFFS: "James Bond" type games... I never do well
with the shoot em up games.
GAMING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I'm super at being Yoshi in
Smash Brothers. I'll lick you up and poop you out with
no remorse!
FAVORITE SONG FROM A GAME: I like Yoshi's theme song,
and Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic.
TIPS OR ADVICE: In Tony Hawk level 1, keep going over
the pipe!


NICKNAME: Justin Kong
TURN ONS: RARE games, multiplayer carnage of all kinds, MegaMan 2 and 3
TURN OFFS: Nintendo's mass attack on the ROM community, character voices in Starfox64
GAMING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Getting an insane lap time in the F-Zero Port Town track by jumping a gap; Passing the point where your score resets on Donkey Kong for Colecovision.
FAVORITE SONG FROM A GAME: MegaMan X: SparkMandril Stage
TIPS OR ADVICE: Never Pass up classic videogames you find for sale for cheap

the sexy face. CHRONO KRISTIN

NAME: Kristin
NICKNAME: ChronoKristin
TURN ONS: Anyone who likes X-Men 2: Clone Wars
TURN OFFS: Bad video game movies.
GAMING ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Beating the Death and Return of Superman in an hour.
FAVORITE SONG FROM A GAME: The Poop Monster's song from Conkers Bad Fur Day
TIPS OR ADVICE: Something fun to do when playing Perfect Dark : Hike up your
life to 200%, set all the bad guys on Kamikaze and give them very little
skill. Hide in a corner with your scary gun, bomb or what have you. Watch
them run towards you to be slaughtered. Sick...but funny.

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Justin and Kristin sit in their corner, waiting for their short moment to shine. The Sidekicks.  HA! Nick, Sarah, and Mike from Project X hang out backstage with rock supergroup Ozma! We r0ck.