NICK: So, we've got, uh, we've got an interview now, with a remixer known as Prozax. Would you like to put him on the air, Justin?

JUSTIN KONG: Yes, let's put Prozax on.

NICK: Alright. Uh, Prozax, are you there?

PROZAX: Yeah, I'm here.

N: Alright, how are you doing this evening?

P: I'm doin' fine, how are you?

N: I am doing fine myself. Now I've got a big question to ask you, right away.

P: Alright.

N: How does one pronounce your last name?

P: That's ORE-OZE, actually. Like Or, and Rose.

N: Orosz. So, Daniel Orosz, AKA Prozax, a wonderful remixer. Now, you mentioned yourself earlier tonight when we were setting up this interview, you are the most eligible bachelor...

P: Bachelor, yes.

N:... In videogame remixing.

P: Ladies, uh, I can give you my phone number, but you guys can message me at ******** (hidden to protect the untainted) on the Instant Messenger, and I'll get back to ya with my phone number.

N: Alright, ladies, instant message Prozax at ******... what were the numbers?

P: ***, as in the numbers, you know?

N: Alright.

JK: You know, that would be kinda cool, if we could have a gamer's hook-up here.

N: A game-- the dating game. The Dating Gamers.

JK: The Dating Gamers, oh...

N: Wow. We gotta do the Dating Gamers show. Prozax, I hate to break it to you, but I don't know how many women listen to this show.

P: I know, I know...

N: I would assume you could count them on one finger... or less.


N: Probably. And that includes Sarah, listening from within the studio.

P: Um, I got a request from Fatal Error, at, uh, Sarbatka IRC. He wants to see naked pictures of Justin and Nick. And he wants to know if you can e-mail it at his address, at ****** at *******.***.

JK: Wow.

P: Actually that's ******.***.

N: I doubt that we'll do that, but perhaps we could Photoshop something up for him.

P: Okay, cause he's really anxious. He keeps messaging me and telling me, "I need some naked pics, man!"

JK: Wow.

N: Now, Zax. If I may call you that...

P: Actually it's Prozak. It's like, it's a singular, even though it sounds plural with the X, but I still say it like Prozak.

N: It's just Prozak. The X is acting...

P: Yeah, it's like ProZAKX!!, you know?

N: Alright, ProZAKX!


N: How did you get into videogame remixing?

P: That's an interesting question, cause, I always loved videogame music. Like, when I was a kid, I can remember just like humming the songs to my brother. Like, "you know what game that's from?" My brother's like "Shut up and go to sleep!" And I'm like "Mmm-hmmm that's from Goonies!" He's like, "Shut up and go to sleep," you know? But, uh, one day I always wanted to remix Blaster Master music -- it always had like the coolest music. So one day I got done shoveling all day, and I'm just like, "I'm just gonna do it," and I care, it's gonna come out pretty crappy cause I don't have the right equipment, but I just came out and I did it. People liked it, so I just kept doing it. And I'm having a good time.

N: I see, I see, I see.

JK: From shoveling to videogame remixing.

P: Yes.

JK: That's quite the transition there.

P: When you stare at snow for like twelve hours straight, it kinda gets to ya, y'know?

JK: Yeah, that's, no, I've had that experience myself.

N: Yeah, when you're out there, isolated for long periods of time, lots of strange things go through your head.

P: You got a lot of time to think.

JK: Thinking about naked pictures of you and I... (too quiet to make out)... chilling.

N: (laughs) Now, uh, you're, you have a lot of guitar based work.

P: Yes.

N: I'd say you're a guitar-oriented remixer. Um basically there is, I'm saying very basically, there's two very large schools that I've noticed in doing this show, and listening to all this music, is that there is sort of the "live sound" band-type side, and then there's the techno aspect, and then there's the, you know, creative stuff that's kind of, uh, well I'm not saying it's not creative, but it's kind of the interesting, mixed-up genres. And, how do you differentiate yourself from the other very guitar-based work out there?

P: Oh, see, I've really had no problem with that my entire life. I've always had some kind of original part of me. Like, I just can't explain it, like, when I remix, I don't... I just do it, I don't really think about it. I just go, "ok, I'm gonna do it," and this how it comes out. I don't really plan it. I plan the other preliminaries... the drums, I set the bass up. But when I play guitar, that's me right there. I don't try to emulate nobody. I don't think I sound like anybody, really, except Joe Satriani; that's what people always say. If you're familiar with him.

N: Now you, I, um, I'm assuming that you were into music before you got into the videogame remixing. As...

P: Heavily, yes.

N: As Blaster Master is quite technically advanced for a beginner musician. Um, do you have any original stuff up there for people to hear?

P: Oh, I have plenty of original stuff that I won't post just for the fact that it's really not recorded good. But I just finished another remix. A re-mix, right now, that I did. It's an original, and you can get it at That's s-a-r-b-a-t-k-a.

N: Sar-Bat-Ka. Saaarr-baaht-ka.

P: Yeah, it's kind of a weird, little thing we made up. It's kind of like a cult thing, so, don't try to understand it.

N: So you can go to that cult website and download Prozax's new track...

P: It's called "Senorita."

N: Excuse me, Pro-ZAKX's... I don't know how to pronounce that.

P: I don't care, you can pronounce it however, as long as you get my last name correct.

N: Orosz. Orosz.

P: There you go.

N: Alright, Daniel Orosz's new track. Um, up next, I have your, I believe it's your latest videogame remix, uh, the Mario Kart Rainbow Road. Mario Kart is a wonderful game. I'm glad somebody finally got around to remixing that one,

P: It was fun, I had a blast with that. The music is so fun, you know, you just wanna go out and, like, start running around.

N: Indeed.

P: (in high-pitched voice) Mario Kart, yeah!

JK: You know, that reminds me of the, uh, the dangers we nearly ran into with the F-Zero music...

N: Oh yeah, we, Justin Kong and I were driving around, uh, Maine, listening to videogame music before Super Radio X had come on, and we were kind of previewing it, and we were very worried about listening to F-Zero music while driving on the highway.

P: Oh, did you hear the guitar track on from F-Zero X?

N: Yes, we do have some guitar F-Zero X tracks here.

P: Yeeeah.

N: Very nice. And, Mario Kart, which I have up next, also love Mario Kart. I remember playing... A friend and I went on vacation, well he like came with my family on vacation when we were little, and I believe we played twenty rounds of the battle mode every night for two weeks. It was insance.

P: Battle mode's fun.

N: Mm-hmm. So, thanks for calling. We're gonna hang up on you now. And we're gonna play your Rainbow Road remix.

P: I'm gettin' yelled at here, can I just plug another thing?

N: Yeah, sure.

P: Me and this guy, Scott Peeples, we did a remix...

N: Plug anything you want.

P: And, uh, (laughs), he's saying "pimp me," but anyway, he did a new remix, it's up on Sarbatka too. It's called "Path to a Vision." It's kinda like a dreamy, kinda guitar-oriented song. You gotta listen to it if you're a fan of Pure Moods. And, uh, I just wanna say, what's up to Meridian and Virt, that are chillin. Or, DJ Virt, as you guys call him.

N: Yes, we must call him by his Christian name. DJ Virt. Anything else you need to get out there? Any other promotions, other than Sarbatka and your stuff there, and I guess everyone knows, uh, OverClocked Remix... remix.overclocked.

P: I guess I just say hello to everybody at OC Remix, the channel, IRC, and Enter The Game. Say what's up to them.

N: Alright, well...

P: Alrighty?

N: Thanks for talkin' with us.

P: No problem.

JK: Thank you Prozax.

N: This is Prozax with Super Mario Kart, Rainbow Road.

(Nick plays wrong song a few times and then plays Rainbow Road).