Radio OverCoat #228 (2017-06-11): THE AESTHETIC


So I discovered a reverb button on my new mixer. Good timing too, since I had some COOL 3D WORLD to play. If you haven’t seen the Cool 3D World videos, go to Youtube right now and do a search. I played a lot of the soundtrack in this show, which you can hear on the new Cool 3D World Bandcamp [Bandcamp, PWYW]. Also definitely worth mentioning is the new Karl Brueggemann album Micropower [Bandcamp, PWYW] which is some awesome chip from one of the members of Super Marcato Bros. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. wayfinder – fr-025 (single edit)
  2. Karl Brueggemann – Pie in the Sky
  3. Karl Brueggemann – Hypoxia
  4. Karl Brueggemann – Micropower
  5. tobokegao – 空色平原(100年前) -azure fields(100 years ago)-
  6. Haruomi Hosono – Caravan
  7. Cornelius – Free Fall
  8. Buffalo Daughter – Run
  9. G-Schmitt – Future Daze
  10. Tesla Boy – Neon Love
  11. GOTO80 – Syrobellox
  12. spctrm – sigh
  13. Cool 3D World – Foot Massage
  14. Makeup And Vanity Set – Richter
  15. Carpenter Brut – Meet Matt Stryker
  16. Makeup and Vanity Set – Unison
  17. Proswell – Resources Charm
  18. Proswell – Camel Garden Moon
  19. Proswell – Naptha Star
  20. Cool 3D World – Portraits
  21. Infinity Shred – Wayfinder
  22. Makeup and Vanity Set – Into the Fields of War
  23. For Astronauts And Satellites – Exoplanet
  24. Current 93 – A Song For Douglas After He’s Dead
  25. Cool 3D World – Plant Place
  26. GOTO80 – Geminix
  27. Yukihiro Takahashi – The Core Of Eden

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