Radio OverCoat #226 (2017-05-21): 赤ちゃんのおしり



I got a bunch of new stuff in the past few weeks and I am very excited to show it all to you! Also got some links incoming. Back in January Tuberz McGee released “Tuberz McGee and the Mildly Inappropriate Dinner Conversations with the Highly Probable In-Laws” [Cheabeats Bandcamp, PWYW, CD $10] which is a great energetic chiptune pop punk record with some really funny lyrics. I also played some tracks from xyce’s autre album [Cheapbeats Bandcamp, PWYW] which released last year. Also I decided to check up on Transient, and grabbed one of his newer albums Return to the White Blazes [Noisyvagabond, free download). Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Haruomi Hosono – Body Snatchers
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto – EXPO’85住友館「空に合おうよ」-Vocal
  3. ap0c – Komplexe Reflexe
  4. xyce – miami
  5. Fearofdark – Don’t Go Outside
  6. diplocephalus – One Track Lover
  7. Max B – DSi Shop Theme
  8. Joule & Malmen – One Way Heart (Byproduct remaster)
  9. Felikitty – Dungeon Crawl (Zelda 3 Custom Instruments Test)
  10. ap0c – Vitriol Hammer
  11. xyce – bass aller
  12. stinkbug – Space Mode
  13. Leon Switch – Atlas Torres (MandraSigma Remix)
  14. Tuberz McGee – Feminist Vampires
  15. Tuberz McGee – More Than a Foxy Lady
  16. Tuberz McGee – Bounty
  17. Stemage – High Roller (ft VikingGuitar)
  18. coda – Dating Start (FM Version)
  19. Ryuichi Sakamoto – パンパース「赤ちゃんのおしり」-Inst.
  20. Silent Ouroboros – Balla Solemnis
  21. transient – the earl of shaffer
  22. transient – vodka
  23. transient – wind whispers
  24. transient – the stars peek out
  25. Garcy – Rite of Fire
  26. mklachu – Celestial Mountains
  27. Fingers In The Noise – Lazzy Beat
  28. neotenomie – heaven
  29. Silent Ouroboros – A Café In The Sky

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