Radio OverCoat #221 (2017-03-29): Wednesday Magic

On this week’s episode, I quickly remedy the fact that I haven’t played Meiko Nakahara for several years. I also played the debut track from ionnalee, Samaritan. The video for it is pretty cool. Read on for the full playlist:

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Molehill Mountain Episode 42 – The Nicki Minaj Special


This week’s show is all about Nicki Minaj, from our favorite video to the time she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and Andrew somehow failed to notice!

0:06 – Minaj à Nicki

13:40 – A moment of silence for Mad Catz who is no longer with us

19:17 – PETA takes issue with milking minigame in 1-2 Switch

39:52 – Cards Against Humanity threatens to buy and publish Congresspersons’ browser histories if FCC privacy protection rule is repealed

57:17 – Twitter hears cries of “egg” accounts harassing people. Fixes it by removing egg image.

1:02:16 – Warner had a fun damage control week with a box art misprint saying LEGO City Undercover required a download bigger than the actual game

The last 45 minutes of the show is just a rambling free for all!

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BumbleKast #40: Logan


Kyle and Ian go ga-ga over the latest X-flick, “Logan.” Spoilers galore, so if you’ve not seen the movie yet, watch it first!

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GameFuel #203: Prosperous (Cheetahmen Endurance Special)


The Cheetahmen Action Hours is back for the 203rd straight week, still celebrating all things Cheetahmen! This is certainly never a concept that will get old!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 41 – Critical With Love


Andrew and Zachary don’t have anything nice to say about the new Justice League trailer or the recent Iron Fist show on Netflix but hey, at least they keep the show to about an hour this week!

17:18 – We badmouth the new Justice League trailer!

37:08 – We badmouth the new Iron Fist Netflix show!

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GameFuel #202: Mighty (Sentai Mecha Kaiju Special)


The flood of recent Power Rangers nostalgia inspires Kyle to take a look at arrangements of music from games prominently featuring sentai, kaiju, and mecha. This episode includes music from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Super Mario RPG, Godzilla, Shadow of the Colossus, Blast Corps, Super Robot Wars, and more!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 40 – Iron Fisted


This week, Zachary and Andrew talk about video games, movies and superheroes. You know, important stuff!

32:19 – Andrew doesn’t like The Stanley Parable

50:39 – Andrew REALLY doesn’t like Iron Fist

1:08:50 – Warner wants to make another Matrix movie, possibly about young Morpheus

1:14:15 – Nintendo doubles production of Switch due to high demand. Still hasn’t done the same for NES Classic Edition.

1:28:25 – Dolphin emulator can now access the Wii eShop

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GameFuel #201: Blasting (Blaster Master Special)


The critically-acclaimed revival Blaster Master Zero has hit Nintendo consoles, so GameFuel delves deep into remixes from the classic NES version!

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Radio OverCoat #220 (2017-03-15): When Life Gives You Lemon Demons

I was about halfway into doing another cyberpunk special tonight, having finally gotten my Snatcher double LP from Ship to Shore & Yetee a few days prior, but it turned into a giant J-fusion playlist instead. It’s just as well since One Night in Neo-Kobe is one of my favorite songs ever and the likes of T-Square and Casiopea’s music sit well right alongside it in a playlist. Also a good reminder to get my turntable hooked up to the mixer & play some of my vinyls someday. I also had some pretty great chiptunes this week from Sean Evans doing Sonic Mania covers. Read on for the full playlist:
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