Radio OverCoat #215 (2017-01-25): Sleepin’ Makes Me Feel Good


I’ve been sick for some time after MAGFest, that is to say I’ve spent more time sick this year than not, so far, though I’m finally well enough to do radio shows again. I also have a new setup and a new DJing style. Still working out some kinks but so far so good! Also, silver lining to missing 2 weeks is that I had a lot of great music to play and catch everyone up to! Here’s some links!

Lazerhawk – Dreamrider


Lacheque – Célébration!

Dynastic – SPACE​/​SUMMER – EP

and last but not least

Neil Cicierega – Mouth Moods [cw: autoplaying music]

and the amazing thing is, most of these albums are free or pay what you want! But Lazerhawk’s new release is easily worth the $10. Definitely grab all of these amazing releases. 2017 may suck a lot so far but musically it’s off to a great start. Continue reading ‘Radio OverCoat #215 (2017-01-25): Sleepin’ Makes Me Feel Good’ »

GameFuel #194: Impulse (Arc Impulse Listening Party)


GameFuel presents the self-titled debut album from video game cover band Arc Impulse: Arc Impulse!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 33 – So Much Fire Emblem!


Another week, another podcast.  Here’s what EZK and Andrew discussed this time:

14:44 – We try and fail to keep straight all the new Fire Emblem games

36:25 – Nintendo has released a few more interesting Switch details

53:58 – New survey examines the percentage of female gamers by genre

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BumbleKast #35: Character Building


In this episode, Ian and Kyle discuss recent news about the Nintendo Switch before delving into the philosophy behind character creation.

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GameFuel #193: Radiated


A whole slew of fresh releases hit the show this week, including new stuff from the latest Dwelling of Duels competition!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 32 – Will Nintendo Switch Dominate or Submit?


Last week, Nintendo spent an hour telling us all about its upcoming portable console, the Nintendo Switch.  So naturally, EZK and Andrew spend two and a half hours talking about Nintendo talking about the Nintendo Switch!

I don’t know if we were speaking the truth or speaking bollocks but somehow we attracted a lot more live viewers than usual.  Hope to see all our new friends next week!

No topic time stamps this time but we do talk about the new Switch info in the same order it was presented during Nintendo’s event.
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Molehill Mountain Episode 31 – All About the Games


Andrew and EZK are back to talk about all the awesome games they played over the holiday break.  Buckle down for an extra heaping helping of podcast goodness because they go on for a solid two hours.

20:37 – Ico

32:48 – Lost Odyssey

45:31 – We talk about games we can play one-handed. What? Get your mind out of the gutter!

49:37 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

1:04:10 – Final Fantasy 4

1:13:39 – Super Mario 3D Land

1:21:06 – Grandia

1:30:37 – Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

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BumbleKast #34: Looking Ahead to the New Year


Welcome to Season 3 of the BumbleKast! Ian and Kyle take brief, flinching look back at 2016 before getting gung-ho about the upcoming year. They’re also excited to announce a new program coming soon to the BumbleKing YouTube channel: BumbleKast Gaming!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 30 – Just Stop Playing


This is the last Molehill Mountain for 2016 and Andrew was away again. We will not have a podcast on Christmas Eve nor New Years Eve, so you will be on your own for entertainment those nights.

I open the show talking about Arc the Lad, a very short precursor to Arc the Lad 2. I follow it up with some discussion about a Ludum Dare game called Monolith by Rocketdad, as well as a game jam game of my own called Glug Cave. At 18:35, I talk about Facepunch telling unhappy Rust players to just stop playing. At 24:51, I look back at some of the big stories of the year such as Nintendo making multiple headlines, Blizzard launching Overwatch and the closing of GamePolitics.  At 47:45, I talk about what I want to see in 2017, specifically the launch of the Switch, the release of Cosmic Star Heroine, and some personal and business goals.

That’s it for the last podcast of 2016. Andrew and I will both be back on January 7, 2017 with episode 31.

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