GameFuel #191: Shadow (Ninja Gaiden NES Trilogy Special)


Ryu Hayabusa sneaks in the shadows before leaping to attack his target, hitting them with an onslaught of overdriven distortion and incredible melodies on this hard-hitting episode of GameFuel!
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GameFuel #190: Ultra (Source Tune Spectrum Special: Killer Instinct)


Can YOU endure listening to 18 different versions of the main theme from Killer Instinct? Find out on this episode of GameFuel!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 29 – Always Online


Andrew is away for the next two weeks, so you lucky ducks get to spend some quality time with EZK. This week, we enjoy some DRM chat. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for iPhone is reported to require a constant data connection to play and several game developers have decided Denuvo, the supposed unhackable DRM, is not for them and have patched it out of their games.

It may be all EZK, all the time in this episode but Andrew does make an appearance in the chat, which we’ve transcribed below.  Next week, he’ll be on a plane where he can’t watch the podcast or play Super Mario Run.

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BumbleKast #32: BumbleKhristmas Karols


Kyle and Ian get into the holiday spirit (or rail against it, depending on your taste in music) with their Top and Bottom 5 Christmas songs of the season.

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GameFuel #189: Righteous


Kyle catches up on just a few of the recent Dwelling of Duels entries, revisits the Drift Stage soundtrack to check out some new tunes, and more on this packed episode of GameFuel!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 28 – What Has Two Thumbs and Hates Hamilton?


After a bit of the usual yammering, Andrew starts the show with a review of Hamilton (18:50), then he and EZK take an unexpected political detour discussing Trump’s feelings on Hamilton (32:40) before debating the Electoral College vs popular vote (37:45).  Getting back on track we talk about The Game Awards (52:39) and Playstation Experience (1:09:51).

And, for those that requested it, I’ve pasted a chat transcript at the bottom of this story.  Enjoy!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 27 – Underwear Shopping


Andrew and Zachary were busy with family stuff over the Thanksgiving break so they came into the podcast with little idea of what they’d be discussing.  Come fly by the seat of your pants with us!

19:28 – Yakuza 5 is a cathartic game in which all problems are solved by punching them.

31:38 – Is the video game industry making a shift towards games that will last you months or years?

44:07 – The Game Awards removes Nintendo fan games from the Best Fan Creation category.

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GameFuel #188: Peel Out (Nintendo November 2016 Finale: Mario Kart)


Nintendo November races away for 2016 with a celebration of Mario Kart tunes!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 26 – A Mature Discussion Of NPC Genitalia


Andrew returns to chat with Zachary about the NES Classic Edition supply shortage (1:14), a rumored launch game for the Nintendo Switch that crosses Mario RPG with Ubisoft’s Rabbids (30:03), the price of Nintendo’s upcoming mobile title, Super Mario Run (36:55), and Sony suspending a gamer’s PSN account for sharing a screen of a naked NPC in Watch Dogs 2 (55:42).

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GameFuel #187: Dreams (Nintendo November 2016 Part 3: Kirby)


What’s pink and sucks? It’s this episode of GameFuel all about Kirby, as the Nintendo November celebrations continue!

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