Radio OverCoat 2015-06-14: Splatoon Sunday


Hey guys and gals! For tonight’s show I got the game rips for the Splatoon OST. Not the best quality, but I still love listening to it! I also played Shirobon and C-Jeff’s tracks from Retro-Active Pt. 1 Remixed, which you can pick up at Bandcamp for $7. Well worth it! Check out the full playlist below:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-06-07: JNCOat


Tonight I was in one of those moods for chillin’ out to some oldschool house, funk, and ambient. I also played a lot of Sonic music for whatever reason. Tonight featured music from Slime Girls, Babe, PinkOmega, Oceaán, C-Jeff, and I closed with a great tune from Lake Markham. Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-05-31: Dank Meme Free Zone


Check out Shnabubula’s Bandcamp page for those amazing piano arrangements from VGMCAST Vol 1 and 2!!! Also, go listen to stuff on DANCE WITH THE DEAD’s SoundCloud, as well as checking out Jeroen Tel’s new tracks on the Maniacs of Noise page. Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-05-17: Touhou Sunday


Hey everyone! Reitaisai 12 was last Sunday, so that means I have a mountain of new Touhou arrangements to bring you all this week. It’s just like Touhou Tuesday, except not! I still closed with Miracle Hinacle anyway. Tonight’s playlist had new stuff from Tamaonsen, Hatsunetsumiko’s, EastNewSound, Alice’s Emotion, Alstroemeria… Too many to list them all here, but check below for the full song list:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-05-10: Lunch Gentleman


This week’s Radio OverCoat brought to you by PubeDragon. Also, I featured many tracks from Eternal Champ by Sweet Valley, an artist duo I just discovered last week and became enamored with their style. I also featured a new track by Shirobon and Protodome, “Anime Smiley Throwing Sparkles,” and a few tracks from the new Touhou game, Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Check out the playlist below:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-05-03: Rippin’ Pepperoni


Nothing much in the way of new tunes this week, but we did get a treat from Marshall Art and AutoReMi-PK this week from Weeklytreats! You definitely can’t pass this one up! There’s also a new Mitch Murder cover of Knight Rider that you need to check out. It’s presumably a byproduct of his collaboration with The ‘Hoff for the Kung Fury OST. Read on for this week’s full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-04-26: Fourthmix


Ladies and gentlemen, I have returned once again to drop this hot mix.  This week I featured some new future bass and some other assorted new tracks, in particular a new Skrypnyk mix of NiGHTs into Dreams and a teaser track from Zantilla for his upcoming album dropping on the 29th! You wanna keep tabs on Ubiktune for that one for sure. Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat 2014-04-12: Yo Check Out My Mixtape


Hi everybody! I’m back, and I have fresh tracks! I received 1 (one) gift of Permutation EP to share with you all, so I played that on the show tonight. Fell in love with both tracks instantly. The EP is only $5 so snag it on that Bandcamp link there. MmcM also released a ZX Spectrum album via Ubiktune called The Blossoming Years that you should check out as well. In Neil Cicierega news, there’s this thing. Also, thanks to smh, I discovered a cool vaporwave thing from MKULTRA called In Limbo, Silent Dream which is a free download worth checking out. Other than that I played some various future bass, trap, and chiptune stuff tonight. Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-03-22: Lil’ O


Tonight I featured some new music by a bunch of cool artists! First up we had Disasterpeace with his soundtrack for the new highly-acclaimed horror film “It Follows,” and then two tracks off of cetera’s new Ramyn King EP, “Fancy Ramyn.” I also featured the incredible Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Remix EP, featuring of course M.O.O.N., Scattle, and Carpenter Brut. I also sprinkled through the playlist some Street Fever, of whom I just discovered their dark cyberpunk beats recently, as well as changing things up with a few songs from the Big O OST, which I think because of the amazing opening title theme, the rest of the soundtrack needed some love too. Read on for the full playlist:

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Radio OverCoat 2015-03-08: Last Week in Chiptune


We can’t all be DJ Cutman, but I did my damndest! Tonight’s playlist was all about the demoscene, modscene, and chiptunes. Other than that first song of course, but I just had to get it out of my system! Read on for the full playlist:

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