Touhou Tuesday 2014-06-17: VGM


Tonight I played a bunch of stuff [pretty much the whole thing] from Komso’s 東方VGM album, also some news, you can now get most of his CDs shipped internationally! Check out the link here: Also, here’s the post rock album I was playing today, for free/name your price: Additionally, here’s the new House Set of Double Dealing Character & Impossible Spell Card, available for download free! Read on for the rest of the playlist:

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Touhou Tuesday 2014-06-10: Jerico’s Wall of Sound


This week’s episode happened to take place right after the Nintendo E3 conference, so I was all too excited to be talking about E3 stuff today on the show. I also monologued a brief history of Touhouwiki and why it and the Touhou Wikia are separate entities. On top of that I played the usual good music and took some requests! Read on for the full playlist:

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Nitro Game Injection #259: Boss Rush (feat. Zero Nimbus & Meta Man of Do a Barrel Roll!)


Larry and Kyle discuss the amazingness that is Luigi’s Death Stare, question if Dr. halc is actually a licensed medical practitioner, drudge up OverClocked ReMix’s dirty shady past, and more. They are also joined by Meta Man and Zero Nimbus of the VGM cover band Do a Barrel Roll!, who are releasing their new album BOSS RUSH this Friday with a listening party hosted by our friends over at the 8bitX Radio Network!

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Touhou Tuesday 2014-06-03: Moo


What a treat today was! Mamizou gave me a mystery box the night before the show, telling me not to open it until a talking break today. I opened it up halfway through the show and saw two brand new Shibayan CDs, courtesy of my friend AngryCow. Thanks a lot dude! :D I then got ferociously tickled near the end of the show. Most of the music today was pretty dancey, played new Reitaisai 11 music, like IZMIZM, Tamaonsen, and of course the new Shibayan! Also, the background music from today was HertzDevil’s PC-98 Perfect Cherry Blossom, which you can download here: Read on for the full playlist:

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Nitro Game Injection #258: Flyin’ Solo


Kyle goes it alone for this episode featuring new music from Pongball, The Megas, Travis Morgan, SnappleMan, and PrototypeRaptor, along with some classic VG remixes and more!

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Nitro Game Injection, now on Saturdays at 7:30 PM Eastern!

Hey folks, Kyle here to give you a heads up that Nitro Game Injection is moving to Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM Eastern Time, immediately following jmr’s Open Circuit. The first show at the new time will be on May 31st (that’s TODAY!) so don’t forget to tune in to Arecibo Radio for VGM goodness featuring myself and Larry! If you’re not sure what time NGI is airing in your part of the world, you can check via the World Clock right here. We’ll see you then!