GameFuel #178: Cyberspace (Patreon’s Choice #8: Sci-Fi Games Special)


This episode explores the world of fictionalized science in video game music form.

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BumbleKast #26: Daytona Switcheroo


Kyle, your beloved host, and his co-host Ian do a few laps around the history of the Daytona series.
…something about that doesn’t sound right…

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Molehill Mountain Episode 18 – We’re Good Because We’re Not Bad


EZK and I start out this week’s podcast talking about comic books, cause why not?  We then continue Kicking the Bucket List, revealing super interesting things about ourselves such as whether we’ve ever been in the back of a police car and which celebrities we’ve met (14:40) and finally discuss how Sega and Capcom earned internet cookies this week by, respectively, not DMCA-ing a fan game and announcing no microtransactions in Resident Evil VII (44:40).

Positive feedback is a wonderful thing but are our expectations of the AAA game industry really so low that we celebrate companies simply for not doing the things we hate?

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GameFuel #177: Warped (Naughty Dog Special)


GameFuel celebrates 20 years of Crash Bandicoot (tw)insanity with a special dedicated to remixes from Naughty Dog games, featuring Artist Alley segments dedicated to Rexy and DSC!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 17 – PS4 Pro Crotch Shots


Lots of fun stories this week!

31:46 – Nintendo hits “No Mario’s Sky” with a DMCA takedown. Developer removes infringing assets and renames it “DMCA’s Sky”

40:08 – Warner Bros. hits itself with a DMCA takedown

49:06 – Mario hits iOS mobile devices with the endless runner-esque “Super Mario Run”

59:39 – Sony shows off the visual majesty of the PS4 Pro with an Asari Crotch Shot

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Molehill Mountain Episode 16 – Fan Game Fun


This week, EZK and Andrew discuss the topic they were supposed to discuss last week.  Better late than never, eh?

24:14 – Paramount issues a set of guidelines governing what Star Trek fan films can and can’t do (

46:23 – Should the video game industry adopt a similar set of guidelines for fan games?

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Nitro Game Injection #265: Technical Difficulty Fetishists


If technical difficulties make you hot, the first half of this episode is for you! Kyle and Hoodie power through them to bring you lots of video game music, along with a nice helping of chiptune, synthwave, and even a hint of nerdcore, as well as some discussion of No Man’s Sky and AM2R!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 15 – An Informal Chat


This week, EZK and Andrew discuss buying the Japanese version of the never localized Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and patching in a fan translation (4:40), muse about the feasibility of publishers building the ability to patch fan translations into their games (10:55), reveal which games have made us RAGE!!! (34:06), debate whether Capcom would use the classic Mega Man design in a hypothetical new game (44:40), talk about games that made us cry (48:16), and cap off the show with a talk about the efficacy of door-to-door proselytizing (59:43).  Because why not?

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GameFuel #176: Bitchin’ (Surf Rock Special)


SURF’S UP! GameFuel celebrates surf rock with a variety of remixes and selections from original game soundtracks!

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