Molehill Mountain Episode 15 – An Informal Chat


This week, EZK and Andrew discuss buying the Japanese version of the never localized Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and patching in a fan translation (4:40), muse about the feasibility of publishers building the ability to patch fan translations into their games (10:55), reveal which games have made us RAGE!!! (34:06), debate whether Capcom would use the classic Mega Man design in a hypothetical new game (44:40), talk about games that made us cry (48:16), and cap off the show with a talk about the efficacy of door-to-door proselytizing (59:43).  Because why not?

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GameFuel #176: Bitchin’ (Surf Rock Special)


SURF’S UP! GameFuel celebrates surf rock with a variety of remixes and selections from original game soundtracks!

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BumbleKast #24: Humanity’s Next Step


In this episode, Ian and Kyle discuss what the future may hold in transhumanism. Also introducing our new contest: the BumbleRaffle! Listen to find out how you can win an autographed comic!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 14 – SNES Classic Edition


On this week’s show Andrew and EZK continue through the Bucket List and discover a few things that Zachary has done that Andrew has not (27:04)!  Zachary reveals his picks for a prospective SNES Classic Edition game lineup (42:55) then Andrew shares his (1:00:56).  They cap it off by going through their viewers’ copious recommendations of awesome SNES games (1:40:28).

Did I say we capped it there?  Oops.  Andrew finishes out the show by talking a bit about his approach to the use of profanity and potentially offensive humor in his YouTube videos (2:02:14).

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GameFuel #175: Proscribed


Kyle somehow gets banned from the 8bitX Twitch while playing some hot tasty remixed jams from No Man’s Sky, Tales of Symphonia, Bravely Default, Pokkén Tournament, SEGA Worldwide Soccer ’97, R-Type and more!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 13 – Our Picks For the NES Classic Edition


On this week’s show, Andrew and EZK bring back an old feature called “Kick the Bucket List” where they compare cool things they’ve done in their lives then make fun of Zachary for never leaving his home (22:19)!  Andrew also finally gives his thoughts on Eurogamer’s Nintendo NX report from a couple weeks back (36:08) then the boys critique the NES Classic Edition’s game lineup and provide their own suggestions for the perfect list of 30 NES games! Continue reading ‘Molehill Mountain Episode 13 – Our Picks For the NES Classic Edition’ »

GameFuel #174: Effective (Patreon’s Choice #7: Pokémon Special)


Shamelessly yet timely cashing in on its explosive popularity, this edition of GameFuel focuses on the Pokémon series! Patreon’s Choice this month comes courtesy of Jennifer R.!

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BumbleKast #23: The Console Wars


Kyle and Ian are joined by their second Patreon guest star as they discuss their time in the trenches of the Console Wars.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 12 – Andrew’s Back!


Not only is Andrew back to grace you all with his dubious presence but you can also find audio versions of the last four EZK-hosted episodes of Molehill Mountain on iTunes.  Yay!

  • 0:29 – Andrew talks about his vacation and Batman v Superman
  • 19:00 – Andrew tries not to fall asleep during a discussion of Pokemon Go
  • 29:13 – We send Samus some anniversary love because Nintendo can’t be bothered (we know it’s a weekend but still…)
  • 31:31 – Nintendo still hasn’t figured out this global thing. NES Classic Mini available for pre-order in UK but not US
  • 41:31 – Sony’s baffling decision to not market Ghostbusters’ super cool 3D presentation
  • 52:10 – Fans often throw fits over reviews of movies that aren’t out yet. This time it’s Suicide Squad

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Molehill Mountain Episode 11 – The Andrew-less NX Discussion


Hey folks, E. Zachary Knight here. For tonight, I will talk about the crazy rumors about the NX. I will also have some thoughts about Batman v Superman (I finally saw it). Also, the game engine I use to make games, HaxeFlixel, has a very successful crowdfunding campaign. You can also ask me some questions too if you want. Continue reading ‘Molehill Mountain Episode 11 – The Andrew-less NX Discussion’ »