BumbleKast #44: Best Sonic Universe Arc EVER!


Recently, Ian ran a casual poll on Twitter to see what fans thought was the best story arc to “Sonic Universe.” On this episode, Kyle and Ian discuss the results and weigh in on which arc they liked best.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 49 – Mario Kart Needs More Road Rage


This week, Nintendo made a reasonable localization decision. I know, we were surprised too!

28:17 – Nintendo replaces obscene gesture in Mario Kart 8

34:26 – No Destiny 2 on Switch because the game is online-only

39:52 – World of Tank devs are using copyright in order to censor harsh criticism

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Nitro Game Injection #267: Vicious Adolescent (Castlevania ‘Wicked Child’ Endurance Special)


Kyle transitions the Source Tune Spectrum to NGI in a big way with ‘Wicked Child’ from Castlevania. Enjoy 25 awesome arrangements of one of the most iconic themes in video game music!

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Radio OverCoat #226 (2017-05-21): 赤ちゃんのおしり


I got a bunch of new stuff in the past few weeks and I am very excited to show it all to you! Also got some links incoming. Back in January Tuberz McGee released “Tuberz McGee and the Mildly Inappropriate Dinner Conversations with the Highly Probable In-Laws” [Cheabeats Bandcamp, PWYW, CD $10] which is a great energetic chiptune pop punk record with some really funny lyrics. I also played some tracks from xyce’s autre album [Cheapbeats Bandcamp, PWYW] which released last year. Also I decided to check up on Transient, and grabbed one of his newer albums Return to the White Blazes [Noisyvagabond, free download). Read on for the full playlist:

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Molehill Mountain Episode 48 – Andrew Is a Sick, Sick Man


The show must go on, horrible allergy attack be damned!

1:45 – The pros and cons of Bethesda’s Prey demo

8:41 – Bethesda still thinks trademarks mean you own words

18:36 – Greybox adds OST to physical version of RIME to justify higher price. Digital version will be cheaper, but not in Australia.

25:22 – Square Enix says bye-bye to Hitman dev IO Interactive

35:11 – Remedy’s Alan Wake to be delisted in wake of expiring music licenses

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Nitro Game Injection #266: Follin Rising (Tim Follin Special)


Kyle returns to full-time Nitro Game Injection episodes! This one features remixes from games composed by one of the most legendary composers of all time: Tim Follin!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 47 – Bad At Bayonetta


Zachary has returned!

0:13 – Zachary’s adventures at Super Bitcon

16:28 – Andrew sucks at Bayonetta

28:20 – What do we think about ARMS and the rumored Rabbids X Mario game?

33:50 – Nintendo details DLC pack 1 for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

45:18 – What did we think of the trailer for The Defenders?

54:03 – What did we think of the reveal of The Inhumans?

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Radio OverCoat #225 (2017-05-03): Savage Mutant Power

I am excited to show you all not one but TWO amazing chiptune soundtracks – both Switch games, even! At the beginning of the show, after I played my fixed version of Savage Level 1 of course, I played 4 tracks from the new Blaster Master Zero OST, featuring an incredible assembly of amazing Japanese chiptune artists. Near the end of the show, and since the game and its songs are so short, I played the entirety of the Kamiko OST. One day though, I’ll get the proper soundtrack so the songs loop and are more than a minute long 😛 Still I felt I needed to show you all what an awesome job Misoka did on the soundtrack. Both of these games are really good and I hope all you Switch owners out there check them out. Blaster Master Zero is also available on the 3DS! Other than the soundtracks I also played a few other chiptunes and of course continue on my Yukihiro Takahashi kick. Read on for the full playlist:

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Molehill Mountain Episode 46 – Bandai Namco Fears PETA


Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of game developers like a potential complaint from PETA and its ilk.

Oh, by the by, it’s another Andrew solo show!  Yay?

2:00 – Announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL

15:15 – Super Bomberman R doubles frame rate by halving resolution

24:00 – Atlus updates Persona 5 streaming guidelines

31:06 – Kangaroo character cut from Tekken 7 due to fear of animal activists

As is often the case, the last hour of the show is simply chatting with the viewers about this and that.

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