GameFuel #185: Campaign (Nintendo November 2016 Part 1: Fire Emblem/Golden Sun/Advance Wars Special)


Kicking off KNGI’s Nintendo November 2016, GameFuel takes on a triple threat of Nintendo RPG franchises: Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, and Advance Wars!

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Radio OverCoat #211 (2016-11-02): Magical Girl Sound Shower



I’M BACK! After about 9 months of no ROC, I have triumphantly returned with all new music from that long period of radio silence. I hope you guys don’t mind my equipment a bit dusty and my voice a bit rusty, but the music is so good! The centerpiece of the show tonight was a new EP from my favorite band ever, Tesla Boy! You can listen to Moses for free on Soundcloud! Read on for the full playlist:

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Molehill Mountain Episode 24 – SPOILERS!!!


There will be no Molehill Mountain podcast this weekend (Saturday the 5th) due to Andrew’s Extra-Life video game charity marathon.  The entire event will stream on RandomTower so if you’d like to drop by and say hey, please do!

As for last week’s show, we weren’t going to talk about Nintendo this week but we just can’t seem to help ourselves (18:50)!  After that, we discuss the fact that OnePlay has taken on Desura, but not its parent company’s debt (38:34) then we try to figure out when exactly the statute of limitations on spoilers expires (48:42).

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BumbleKast #29: Happy BumbleWeen!


In this episode, Ian and Kyle get into the Halloween spirit! Brace yourselves for the most G-rated spookfest you’ve ever endured!

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GameFuel #184: Journey (WillRock ‘Journey to the Centre of the World’ Listening Party)


This episode of GameFuel features the latest album from netlabel Tiny Waves: Journey to the Centre of the World, by the one and only William “WillRock” Harby!

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GameFuel #183: Immortal (Commodore Amiga Special)


On this episode of GameFuel, Kyle celebrates remixes of game music from the classic Commodore computer—the Amiga!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 23 – Let’s Switch It Up


On this week’s show, Andrew feels really bad about not liking Muramasa: The Demon Blade (1:01) then both he and EZK weigh in on the video game voice actor strike (12:00).

If you were left unsatisfied by Andrew’s reaction to Nintendo’s preview video of its new Switch gaming platform, EZK and he spend a good 90 minutes talking about the console formerly known as NX (27:46).

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Molehill Mountain Episode 22 – Bikini Butt Ninjas


On this week’s episode of the Molehill Mountain podcast, EZK and Andrew talk about an anime called “Keijo!!!!!!!!” where girls in bikinis try to knock each other off a pool float with their butts (12:12), if Virtual Reality finally ready to hit the mainstream (28:17) and whether Nintendo should reveal the NX before Christmas or sometime early next year (48:47).

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GameFuel #182: Groove (Patreon’s Choice Special: Rhythm Games)


This week, GameFuel serves up a rhythmic beatmatch batch of music from rhythm games! Patreon’s Choice this month comes courtesy of David P.!

If YOU want to select an upcoming playlist theme for GameFuel, become a $3 patron today!

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