NGI on break, will return with SHELL SHOCKED pre-release party on April 6th!

After the excitement of reaching the 250th episode milestone, Kyle and Larry are taking a couple of weeks off. Don’t fret, because they will be returning with the pre-release party for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shocked, the next album from OverClocked ReMix! It will be your first chance to hear the album, remixing the full soundtracks of Turtles in Time and The Hyperstone Heist, and featuring a massive lineup of awesome remixers like Sixto Sounds, Prince of Darkness, WillRock, Stemage, Viking Guitar, Tuberz McGee, DusK, and more. NGI will be back on April 6th at 3:00 PM EDT, only on Arecibo Radio!

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KNGI Records presents The NGI EP

Celebrating the 250th episode of Nitro Game Injection and 11th anniversary of the KNGI VGM Podcast Network, KNGI Records is proud to present The NGI EP. With artwork by Otakatt, the album features 8 new arrangements of the theme song of Nitro Game Injection, “CHORD WOMAN” by chiptune composer Rob “AutoReMi-PK” Remy. These remixes have been lovingly crafted by featured OverClocked ReMix artists Joel “Jivemaster” Bird, David L. Puga, Eino Keskitalo, Dustin “DusK” Branscum and Michael “Sir_NutS” Molina as well as chiptune wizards Shannon “Pongball” Mason and Jeff “jmr” Roberts. The album also includes bonus artwork by Chris “glitcher” Reavey, Enn “SLiDER-chan” Carbohydrate, Aleah “Kureejii Lea” Baker, Nate “FoxxDragon” Horsfall, and Randall “FlozaxRollins” Drew. The original version of “CHORD WOMAN” in FTM and NSF formats is also included, along with separated stems for personal usage in remixes and arrangements. The album is available for free download in FLAC and MP3 formats at

Otakatt - NGI EP Cover

Touhou Tuesday 2014-03-18: Tuesday Simulator 2014


I worked hard on the logo for this picture so this is gonna be the writeup for today’s show.

Of course I’m going to link the artist too. Check out this guy’s art, I want to share it because it speaks to me on a deeper level:

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Nitro Game Injection #250: McRib and Let Die (11th Anniversary Special)


Nitro Game Injection streams LIVE on video for the first time! Kyle and Larry are joined by SLiDER along with special appearances by Mae, Abadoss, WillRock, Rexy, and Sir_NutS.

Check out The NGI EP!

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Nitro Game Injection #249: Instinct Killers


Larry gets on a Killer Instinct kick and can’t stop breaking out into song while Kyle finds out that “adult” Kickstarter exists. They also check out some kickass music from BONKERS, Sir_NutS, DROIDEKKA, Shnabubula, Video Games Live, Diodes, and more!

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Touhou Tuesday 2014-03-04: The Prismraver Sisters Touhou Dance Mix ~ Crossfading is Super Hard Guys :(


So lately I’ve been using Mixxx to make DJ sets. Here’s my first attempt to try a new format for Touhou Tuesday, a few days after Touhou Tuesday’s 2nd anniversary! I hope you guys enjoy. I also created a mixcloud page where I will soon have a recording of today’s mix up on my new mixcloud site (, where I already have 2 other mix sets available to listen to. Read on for the full playlist:

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